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In this article trainer, sports nutritionist and exercise physiologist Steve Collins will teach you how he help's busy women transform their bodies in his #1 Bestselling Fat Loss Program. 

We'll use Monica (who lost more than 30 kgs) as our case study to help explain. 

By the end of the article you'll know everything you need to immediately kickoff your own successful fat loss without having to give up carbs or do any fasting.

There are no mentions of supplements, gimmicks, multi-level marketing, drug taking or anything at all in this article other than a simple yet elegant way to tone up your body, whilst following a diet you can be comfortable with and living a life you can be proud of.  

Monica ate toast every morning for breakfast, with butter, 2 slices - she absolutely loves toast.
46 Seconds With Monica (and me!)
A script free, impromptu conversation with Monica about her journey, doubts and experience - THE FULL INTERVIEW IS BELOW 
Step 1: Focus on getting healthy, not cutting calories.
When Monica was accepted into my signature weight loss program (The Fat Loss Accelerator) here's where she was at:
  • -  She drank 6 coffees per day.
  •  - She didn't sleep for longer than 5 hours per night.
  • - She barely ate (why would you with 6 coffees).
  • - She was training, with weights, but she didn’t really know how to do it properly.
  • - She was taking drugs for high blood pressure, antacids and she got headaches daily.
She had several major injuries including at the hip, shoulder and elbow that were more than a little troubling to say the least.

Monica had been seeing personal trainers, but none of that did much.  They just didn't have an efficient and effective system she could follow.  

They focussed too much on hard exercise.

The last thing Monica needed was hard exercise (her body was already broken), she needed to get healthy - and for most people it's hard to feel better if you're hardly eating anything!  

Instead of cutting back her calories and telling her to exercise more, I asked Monica to eat more, exercise less, and get some sleep.

We just focussed on doing 3 simple things a little bit better.

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3 Steps To Success: What the Industry Isn't Telling You
The 3 key steps of the Fat Loss Accelerator Program which Monica follows are the culmination of my decade long obsession creating the simplest and most effective women's body transformation program ever created.  It's a simple, yet elegant way to begin your own transformation today.
In keeping with these principles, here's what Monica and I decided to focus on for the first few weeks of her transformation:

1. We decided to reduce her caffeine intake to 2 or 3 coffees per day, to be consumed before 2 pm.

2. We used a few easy to follow techniques to help Monica sleep 1 hour extra a night such as low dose melatonin, and doing some sound anchoring (she played sounds of the rain every night when it was bed time).

3. Monica decided on an easy to follow meal plan that I helped her design and implement which massively improved her energy, digestion, overall health and wellbeing.

4. With help from the in depth exercise tutorials in the Fat Loss Accelerator Program and some coaching from me, Monica learned how to exercise in a way that dramatically impacted the way her body looked and felt.  We prioritised quality exercise so she had more time to recover.  We didn't do any exercise that either she didn't love doing, or that didn't have a massive effect on the way her body looked and functioned.

5. Monica was able to be consistent because she was taking advantage of an easy to follow approach that made her feel better, not worse.
"It normally takes people 4 - 11 years to get this kind of progress. Often people never come close to progress like this, even with 20 years of diet and training - they just yo-yo."
Monica completed the full 8 week fat loss accelerator program, and then she dropped down to the maintenance program.  She hit her goal 6 months ago, now every single day Monica moves further into territory she never though she could ever go.  She tells me almost every week that "those kind of things are for other people, I could never do that."

Yet she's achieved every one of the things she said she couldn't, using the principles of the Fat Loss Accelerator Program.  

In fact, almost every woman who does the program says it's for sure going to save them thousands of dollars in the future and it's changed everything they thought they knew about their body and how to change how it looks.  They absolutely love it!
Step 2: Have a Plan, Take Measurements, Adjust Things If You Need To

These are Monica's exact measurements when she started compared with currently.

As you can see Monica started her transformation on the 1st of May 2017 as a novice, although she'd already spent more than a year and several thousand dollars on personal training without success.  

More than 55% of her body was fat. Things weren't looking good.

In just over 1 year she's lost almost 30% body fat (astounding!) and a total of 31.7 kgs of body fat.

Her measures were taken every week with the same protocol and the same very accurate measuring system (skin fold callipers).

She's also gained a tonne of muscle and bone density, staving off dreaded osteoporosis.

Above all, Monica followed a great diet that she liked to do and found easy.  However there's one thing that really makes a great diet (it's not cutting out carbs).

It's taking measurements.  

We all know the scientific method: hypothesis -> experiment -> results -> conclusion.

Hopefully we're all cool with acknowledging that at least a little science should go into a successful body transformation.  Motivation and will-power is something that is more reserved for short term body transformations, the kind that fail as soon as the person loses their willpower.

This is bad news, and not how the worlds best fat loss programs do things.  

The epic body transformations that happen when people work with me occur because we follow an intelligent, well though out approach, that all works smoothly. 

"Biggest Loser" kind of transformations aren't what I do, and if you look at follow up studies of Biggest Loser contestants, over 95% of them have regained ALL of their fat, and then some.

So to truly know whether your diet is on point you must take measures.  They should be just basic ones, a mix of objective and non-objective measurements.

Here are the measurements Monica takes for her program:

1.  Some basic body measurements including 3 circumference measures and bodyweight.

2.  She "measures" how she feels day to day - that's an easy one.

3.  She measures her attendance at training - Monica just notes it digitally in her personal digital program. 

4.  When she isn't able to follow her exact diet (about 30% of the time), Monica considers  which foods she can substitute in that situation which best reflect her prescribed diet (I taught her exactly how to do this easily).  Whilst that's not strictly a measurement, it's still a somewhat measured approach.

If you look at the breakdown of Monica's diet, which I'll list below, her carbohydrate intake is 40% of her total calorie intake.

Monica mostly eats the food she wants too, with a few suggestions from me.  If the measurements show she's improved, we know the plan is fine.  If the measures don't improve 2 weeks in a row, we make an adjustment to her plan.

That means Monica can have toast in the morning (which she loves), be flexible with her diet in social and work situations and can have a few glasses of wine per week (loves that too, obviously!). 

My clients aren't scared of food.  They understand that in order for them to tone, grow new muscle and bone, and to recover from work and their busy life they need amazing food to fuel the changes in their body.

Women who work with me "practice" eating out and being in all kinds of social situations.

I always tell Monica, "you don't want to get a great body and have to sit on the couch all weekend in order to keep it."

Overly restrictive diets break busy women.  If you've considered the ketogenic diet or an intermittent fasting diet, ask yourself, "does this diet fit with the person I want to be and the lifestyle I see myself living one day?"
"You don't need to do crazy things to achieve crazy good results."
You will have a much happier life and a far better body transformation if you have a plan that you can build on and feel fulfilled on.

Design the life you want to live first, then overlay a diet on top - that's part of the secret to outstanding long terms results.

Here's the exact diet Monica used during her transformation:
First, let's take a look at Monica's meal plan which she followed about 70 percent of the time.


2 whole Eggs (large - 61g)

2 slices of Bread (large)

80 grams Mushrooms

300 mls  Almond Milk with coffee

419 cal p: 28g c: 44g f: 14g


150 grams Chicken Breast

50 grams Almonds

150 grams Veggies

100 grams Rice (cooked)

596 cal p: 49g c: 36g f: 29g

(Workout days only)

1 whole Banana (medium - 120g)

1 whole Apple

180 cal p: 1g c: 44g f: 0g


150 grams Veggies

100 grams Rice (cooked)

150 grams Meat - Lean Steak, fat removed

320 cal p: 38g c: 29g f: 6g

TOTAL - 1515 calories (55 year old, office manager - sedentary job)

116g protein, 152g carbs, 49g fat
Step 3: Don't Go It Alone
I've consistently found that people need to get the right support when trying to transform their body once and for all. 

Like plenty of things in life, there’s a big difference between:

-> Trying to figure everything out on your own.

-> Trusting the wrong sources.


-> Having a trusted and proven expert to guide you every step of the way.

-> Having people in your corner who champion your cause.

Many women do The Fat Loss Accelerator when they’ve exhausted the first two options and are ready to get it right this time.  This sums up Monica's experience: she was fed up wasting time, money and going nowhere, her friend recommended my program, and away she went.

It wasn't all smooth sailing.  She claimed to be "the worst client ever" on more than one occasion (she had a typical hate you/love you personal trainer thing going on).

I laugh thinking about that now, given that Monica has gone from obese to healthy weight (and absolutely loving life) in about a year.

She stuck with the program consistently but wasn't even close to perfect.  In fact, Monica was consistently average - which is all that's required.

I call it the "good enough effect."  If people I work with are just ok at following The Fat Loss Accelerator Program, that's fine because the program is so powerful that my clients still get great results.

Monica has moved into the maintenance part of the program after finishing her 8 weeks in the accelerator.  She still follows the personal diet and training plan I put into her program every week which she enjoys because she knows exactly what to do and we still get to hang out together!  She gets involved in the weekly live online trainings when she can and she asks me questions in our private coaching group. 

I give her a nudge in the right direction when she turn's her head for too long, I'm her coach after all!

Here's my full 8 minute interview with Monica as promised - my favourite answer is the second last one!

After doubting herself for so long, being in pain, suffering headaches daily and staring down the barrel at a dramatically reduced lifespan and quality of life because of her weight, Monica is now the envy of all her friends and their inspiration.

The small decision to doing something about her body by following a program that she loved (she could eat her toast!) and seeking out help along the way has made more of an impact on Monica's life than she could ever have imagined.

Imagine what it feels like to be Monica.  

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BONUS: Dr's hate me for this program?
Ok, maybe hate is a little strong.  But the reactions can be amusing.

After all, a lot of women in the fat loss accelerator program not only drop fat, but they also drop their blood pressure, depression and anxiety meds.  Their diabetes improves out of sight and they don't get sick as often.  

Dr's normally have no shortage of patients, but part of my job, is to make sure, they just have a few less, and that what we do here in the fat loss accelerator program with ladies like Monica leaves them thinking "maybe I should have spent more time teaching people about proper diet, exercise and sleep, and less time writing prescriptions for them.

A very important part of the fat loss accelerator is to also act like we're "fat loss disruptors" in the sense that Uber disrupted the taxi industry.  I'm not about just doing the same tired old thing of saying "hey girls, it's just about eating less and moving more" or "hey ladies, I need you to quit carbs and also fun."  

The last thing you want to do is to create a great body, that you have to sit on the couch your whole life to keep.  

I love it when ladies I coach are out there, living their best lives, as their best selves: and that's what this program does for people.

About Steve Collins

Steve is the expert founder of The 3 Step Body and the world class Body Bespoke Program - the internets gold standard in women's body transformation coaching.

He's been a trainer for 18 years and began studying human physiology, performance and diet at the prestigious University of Queensland, Australia in 2001, the top-ranked human performance university in the world.

Steve fixed his own auto-immune skin problems and lost 14 kilos with his program.  He help's hundreds of women transform their body every year with consistent success because of his world leading approach. 
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